Sentek Dynamics Europe target is to make each day easier the commissioning of the systems. In our low force range (L-series), we have implemented an installation procedure that allow us to define these installation as plug & play. For larger systems installations, our Service Team travels to customer site to install our Vibration Tests Systems and, optionally, provide training if the user requires it.

When an order is introduced into our Customer Management System, a task is sent to the Service Department to start the installation file. Then, our service engineers get in contact with the end-user to gather information on the foreseen location of the system, maybe suggest some improvements and to send the installation requirements document over.

Every system sold will have to pass a Factory acceptance tests in Milan facilities before being shipped to its final destination. Customers are invited to this battery of tests. Shipment and subsequent installation will be coordinated with the customer to make sure that the process is smoothly developed. After vibration system installation, a bare table test to check maximum performances will be performed at customer site for final checking.

A basic training on the use of the system is always included as part of the installation. However, a more specific training involving theoretical and practical aspect of the vibration tests is optional since some customers new in the technology may require it, but experience customers may not.