Markets – Applications

  • Missile Testing

    Vibration testing to prove integrity of missile during storage, transport and firing. title

  • Wind Turbines

    Component vibration and shock testing to determine design deficiencies and impact on performance, reliability and maintenance costs.

  • Down-hole Tools/Equipment

    Vibration and shock testing to ensure tool and equipment performance and reliability beneath the earth's surface.

  • Real-World Testing

    Simultaneous 3-axis testing for simulation of real-world environments and test time/cost savings.

  • Production Testing

    Vibration testing as part of acceptance testing to confirm performance of critical components and assemblies in the production process.

  • Packaging and Transportation Testing

    Vibration and shock testing to ensure package and product will survive hazards experienced in everyday shipping.

  • Medical Devices

    Vibration and shock testing to ensure reliability during use and conformance to physician and patient safety requirements.

  • Marine

    Vibration and shock testing of critical surface, sub-surface ship components and assemblies to ensure survival in adverse conditions.

  • Prototype Development

    Vibration and shock testing to identify design flaws and reduce development time and cost.

  • Weapon Testing

    Shock and vibration testing to ensure weapon safety, reliability and survivability during storage, transport and deployment.

  • Wave Slam Shock

    Shock testing of shock mitigating seats for high-speed watercraft.

  • Road / Off-Road Vehicles

    Testing of automotive components and assemblies for durability, squeak and rattle and noise, vibration & harshness (NVH).

  • Consumer Electronics and Appliances

    Vibration and shock testing to ensure product safety and performance during use in their intended environment.

  • Aerospace

    In-Flight Vibration Simulation For aircraft, helicopter, spacecraft and turbine engine component and assembly qualification, product improvement and failure analysis.