14Giu 2021

Extracting the natural frequencies, damping shapes, and mode shapes of a structure aids in improving the design of the unit under test. In this case, the modal characteristics of a license plate is acquired by performing a modal analysis. A MIMO FRF test is carried out using a pair of modal shakers and 14 accelerometers […]

08Giu 2021

Experimental modal analysis (EMA) is based on forced excitation tests during which Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) are measured. However, real world loading conditions often differ considerably from those used in lab testing. Since all real-world systems are to a certain extent non-linear, the models obtained under real loading will be linearized for much more representative […]

04Giu 2021

Manufacturing plants often require controlled vibrations on various parts of the plant to run for several hours, days, or even weeks at a time. In some cases, continuous operation is required. At these facilities, the affordable down time is limited to a few hours in a week. The continuous controlling and monitoring of independently running […]

19Mag 2021

Watch Darren Fraser’s Multi-Resolution Overview presentation from this year’s ESTECH 2021 conference. Viewers will receive a brief review followed by several practical application examples. The Multi-Resolution function is patented by Crystal Instruments. Multi-resolution Function for Random Vibration Control: EDM provides the multi-resolution feature that applies the selected resolution in the high-frequency range and 8 times of the resolution in […]

17Mag 2021

Vibration testing has been carried out since the 60’s of the 20th century. Concurrently, vibration control systems evolved into the current network-based 4th generation systems. During the last several decades, single shaker vibration testing has been performed for a wide range of industries and has contributed to the progress of modern industries. Many products have […]

14Mag 2021

IntroductionModal testing and analysis are crucial processes in the product development cycle. Sometimes the testing results are wrong by several magnitudes, especially in the low frequency bands where the frequency resolution is not sufficient. Crystal Instruments’ patented Multi-Resolution (MR) Spectrum technology helps overcome this issue with a unique solution. A modal test is carried out […]

10Mag 2021

There are many different shaker table arrangements based on various types of MIMO testing applications. The Multiple Shaker Table System ranges from Multiple Exciter Single Axis (MESA) to Multiple Exciter Multiple Axis (MEMA) with 2 to 6 shakers involved (e.g., three axis translational shaker table, four-poster, 6 DOF Multi Axis Shaker Table (MAST), etc.) Multi-Exciter […]

23Apr 2021

The output ground isolator is the most user-friendly solution for controlling multiple shakers while simultaneously improving accuracy of control and ensuring safe operation. With the addition of the output ground isolator to the Spider-80M or Spider-81, there are no additional steps required for the customer to ensure safe and accurate operation when a Spider system […]

23Apr 2021

Overview In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using Multi-Resolution, a feature available in Vibration Control Systems, to offer a better frequency resolution in the lower frequencies of the Sine-on-Random vibration spectrum. The same benefits are also applied to the general Random test, and Random-on-Random mixed mode test. The Sine-on-Random (SoR) test is […]

15Apr 2021

Battery packs are one of the two main components relied on by Electric Vehicles (EV) for vital parameters such as speed, mileage, and torque. Hundreds or thousands of battery cells must be combined to provide the demanded voltage and current required to drive electric vehicles (EV). For example, the Tesla Model S 85 kWh contains […]